International Institute of Sustainable Transportation


Christer Ron Loren

INIST Organization and resources

INIST staff and partners have comprehensive skills and experience in the core disciplines needed to build projects that dramatically improve quality of life – project management, general design, energy analysis, innovative transportation solutions, public outreach and more. INIST does NOT compete with traditional consultancy studies. INIST provides conceptual designs in collaboration with students professionals and advisors.

INIST establishes partnerships with top key professional organizations for best performance available on all levels of a project – architects, developers, transit specialists, solar consultants and virtual model providers.

INIST Methodology

A vital tool for INIST’s work is a communication platform designed to facilitate collaboration by all parties interested in the development of the urban landscape. The platform is based on visualization, simulation and social networking to create a self-generated knowledge database that is easy to understand and share. Participants arriving later in the project can easily pick up and understand process that preceded them. This approach also substantially simplifies the development process, as developers, consultants, and specialists have a common operating platform for all to share.

INIST Collaboration

INIST does not require a city to provide any financial support for its participation in identified projects. When offered a quality of life project, the city will be asked to endorse the project and give authority to INIST to negotiate with one or more local stakeholders to finance the development work on a non-profit basis.

INIST Advisors and partners

INIST is organizing a group of advisors and a network of partners, all driven by the goal of creating an environmentally sound economy based on rapid innovation and proliferation of best practices for sustainable living.