International Institute of Sustainable Transportation

INIST is the US sponsor of the annual Podcar City Conference. If you are here for a ticket to the 2021 conference, credit card processing is in the menu item: 'Store'.

Podcar City 2021 ticket sales begin July 15, 2021. Early Bird rates end November 14, 2021.

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Sustainable Transportation, Energy and Urban Development

Welcome to Podcar City 2021!

This year’s conference is gathering a lot of interest – probably because of the rapid growing list of real projects being established all over the world for autonomous shared transportation in various settings – campuses, airports, cities and other urban areas in need of a new mode of transportation.  We need to create a better mobility environment for all – individuals, businesses, cities – without compromising the freedom of getting around safely and efficiently. The Podcar City 2021 theme is A New Mobility Path – a very suitable headline for what is going on around us and not least what has to be done – finding a mass transportation solution that can grow exponentially from small networks to wide area coverage for all.