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Information that may be useful if you have problems at PayPal

At PayPal you have the option of using your PayPal account, should you have one, or of paying with one of several types of commercial card. Within PayPal you may have designated a particular card or cards to be charged if you are paying with your PayPal account. Within PayPal you also have a setting that controls whether that card is restricted to use from within the PayPal account. Unfortunately, it is not clear to most users that this option even exists, and the default is to restrict the use to within PayPal.

Some of our users have received error messages from PayPal similar to the following: The card you entered can not be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number. If you have received such a message, one of the possibilities is the aforementioned default setting. We have been informed by the help desk at PayPal that you can change this setting, and that the place to change it is near where you specify the card inside PayPal. They also said it is set up this way to protect you from choosing what they consider to be the wrong choice, entering your card number on a site when you have the option of using PayPal and not having to enter a card number.

We have heard that your email address may be restricted in a similar fashion. If you decide to change your PayPal settings, you might look around for this one also.

If you have run into this obstacle, there appear to be four choices available:

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