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In Las Vegas for two days I have been studying the effects of elevated rails carefully. The LV Monorail is a good study object as it has many different heights, presence in different types of areas and surroundings, split and joined tracks and much more. A few early observations: The stations seems ... more
5/14/2012 I have had the opportunity to travel many times to the Bay Area in California, and experience the Silicon Valley culture. From my tiny perspective of getting around in a more intelligent way it strikes me over and over again how such a supposedly intelligent set of people in this place are so extrem... more
5/9/2012 For some time I have been following a similar system to our own OpenSim based Encitra immersive simulation tool. The Urban Sim developed at UC Berkely is a very promising technology and to my joy they received a major grant recently together with some other projects for massive data gathering. This ... more
Yesterday I got a link to the final version of the Uppsala Podcar Simulation. Dr. Crista Lopes and her team has made a great work and it is pretty amazing that we now have a copy of Uppsala to use for simulation of transportation, energy, pollution, real estate development and much more. Special tha... more
5/3/2012 The last weeks has been intense - we are getting close to starting a more detailed study in Uppsala, with possible support from the EU. Also, this last week the preliminary findings of San Jose Podcar study came out. Very much as anticipated, "Interesting and possible but more tech work needed" is m... more
4/7/2012 This week I have made preparations for the launch of A large part of that is to research what is going on in the world of sustainable transportation. It is obvious that a lot of energy is going into Podcar development and interest - but also that we still have a rather long way to go bef... more
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