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Monday, May 28, 2012

Germany offsets 20 Nuclear power plants by solar - but where is the press coverage?

Yesterday I read wonderful news from Germany. They just set a world record in Solar energy and were able to offset 20 nuclear reactors in two days by the combined output of solar power in the country. Way to go. But were are the headlines? I scanned Swedish and US mainstream media...nothing. The news came to me through this link but I find nothing at CNN, MSNBC, USAToday, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter - all major media players in Swedish national and US international. Weird. Russian Pravda is covering it, and few sites in Europe plus Reuters. That's it. I think people should be dancing and make the same amount of happy crazy noise as when their local sports team wins a major tournament. Well, as I wait for such things to happen I will instead be glad that we chose Berlin as the next place to promote Podcars and solar transportation for Podcar City 6 Conference



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