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Spartan Superway

This web page provides an overview of the San Jose State Spartan Superway project with photos and videos of the student-built proof-of-concept prototype solar powered Automated Transit Network ("ATN") system.
"We are a multi-disciplinary team of student engineers, designers, and urban planners at San JoseĀ“ State University re-imagining the way you get to work! Our big idea would revolutionize transportation and we want to share it with the world."

Spartan Superway International Team Summer 2015

Mark, Derek, Frank, Danny, Wade, Ron, Chris, Eddie

Ju, Po (front row)
Jay, Woojin, Yong, Sangho

Pierre-Adrien, Caleb

Elvis, Mario, Igor, Bira, Daniel, Ademir

Karin, Christine, Andreas, Johan

Spartan Superway at Maker Faire 2014

Spartan Superway Videos

2014-05-17 Spartan Superway at Maker Faire 2014 2014-05-18 Simplified, Low-Cost Model ATN Track 2014-05-18 Scale ATN model at Maker Faire 2014 2014-05-15 Moving the guideway onto the COE flatbed truck 2014-05-10 Cabin Bogie on Guideway for Maker Faire Exhibit 2013-06-18 SMSSV Senior Design Project Scale model prototype