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Sustainable Transportation, Energy and Urban Development

Today’s new urban populations expect a high quality of life at the heart of their urban experience. Improving the quality of life for city inhabitants is, however, challenging. Finding suitable land for infrastructure projects, developing community support, obtaining stakeholder consensus, securing financial resources, and overcoming restrictive protocols -- these are the challenges which professionals face. In the process, citizens want to be empowered to participate in designing their local surroundings. Recognizing these challenges, an international team of professionals has formed the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation, INIST. INIST will initiate, finance and define Urban Change projects on a non-profit basis, assisting in the transition from life based on fossil fuels to a sustainable future based on renewable energy and automated transportation for all.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Students working with INIST on a business case for ATN

Today I just had an interesting conversation with students at Presidio University in San Francisco. The students are working on a business plan on how to finance and operate an ATN system. For those of you who don't know about Presidio School, See image:

Presidio School of Business

The students are working together with INIST, International Institute of Sustainable Transportation, with Ron Swenson as mentor. We expect their very interesting work to be available for the general public this summer and I very much look forward to this.

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